Before you invest in any investment product, service or course, it is essential you validate their respective performance and results. If they are not able to show you consistent results for a period of at least one financial year (the longer the period, the better) - then walk away. Don't buy into any of the usual excuses e.g. our trading record is private and confidential etc.

The Difference Between & The Rest of The Forex Educators & Signal Providers...

The problem with 99.99% of Forex Educators & Signal Service providers is that they lack any form of credible proof of results. Don't believe any proof that is charted and created manually; where there is no supporting evidence that actual trades are being executed. 

The team on the other hand, is lead by Dato Jimmy Wong, a veteran with over 10 years of Forex trading experience. However, truth be told, experience counts for nothing if one cannot produce verifiable results.

So let's examine Dato Jimmy Wong and his team's Forex trading track record proof...

Video Proof

Here's a graph illustrating their trading performance for one of their Forex trading accounts from Jan 2018 to Dec 2020.

Screenshot Proof

Here are screenshots of a 'live' MT4 account (see Gold label) depicting the starting deposit of $499,125 on 11 Nov 2017, the last trade taken on 23 March 2021, and the total profit of $17,284,130 accumulated over 41 months:


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